I'm very excited to share another extension that my husband wrote for Inkscape for papercrafting. This one makes what I call a collar. The collar shape has a polygon on the bottom and top and sides that connect them. If the polygons are of different widths, it give a sort of collar-shaped form, narrower at one end than at the other.

To show what I mean, here is a piece that (except for the butterflies and handle at the top) was made using the collar extension.

The bottom is one collar, the main part another, and the lid is the third collar.

All in all this piece can be designed less than 15 minutes, since the extension does all the work.

The second photo shows what it creates and what parameters are available when using it. You can download the extension and documentation at https://github.com/obzerving/Collarz
I hope this will inspire some new creative projects!



I also wanted to add this information for being able to fit the lid into the base: 


 Use the collarz extension to make an inner lip (like for holding a lid in place)

 Use a ring as the bottom of your collar and the top of your base piece. They should have the same width where they meet, so plan ahead.

 The rings you use should be just slightly thicker than the height of the tabs. So if your lid has a bottom of 5" and you are using .4" tabs, use a 4" polygon and difference it from the 5" polygon to make the ring. That will give the ring about a half inch of thickness. (Again, use the same size ring when you make the top of your base piece)

 Glue it in place on the bottom of your lid. 

Now, make another collar with the extension, this one a column the height you want your lip -- the part that fits into the hole -- to be. An inch is plenty. Make both polygon widths the same and just a tiny bit smaller than your hole, so maybe 3.95" (instead of 4") in our example. 

From the pieces it generates, you can delete the polygons and the wrapper pieces. 

Just keep the side piece(s).

Form a circle with your sides by gluing end to end. Now glue the tabs on the side piece to the inside of the hole you made for the bottom of your piece, so that it extends downward. You can either glue down or remove the extra tabs. 

Done. you now have a lip that fits into your main piece.