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A simple jack in the box card powered by a rubber band. Uses a rubberband that is 7" long when cut. 


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A fun simple card that pops up a jack-in-the-box (or your favorite picture) when opened. Powered by a rubber band.

Assembly video now available at https://youtu.be/WvK6gM73U3A


To make the card:  (I'll try to get a video up , but it is pretty simple. 

Pre-fold the top flap along the two score lines. Leave the top up.

Split open your rubber band.  It should be about 7" long when cut.

Lay it across the bottom of the insert and fold around it. (the ends will be sticking out.

Glue the part you fold around to the card. This forms a pocket that the rubber band runs through.

On one side run the rubberband from the inside through the top hole, back to the inside through the bottom hole and up to the top hole.  Tape it very securely into place. 

Repeat with the other side, but before taping make sure your band is straight across your card, not drooping.  This is what pulls your clown up , so it should be taut, but not stretched noticeably. 

Fold along the score line where the holes are, and glue into place. It should just cover the bottom of your clown insert, and form a sort of thin box-card shape. 

Add your sentiments and decorations.

Reach in from the bottom and pull down the insert until you can close the top of the card.  This "arms" it. 

Close the top of the card.