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These files accompany the tutorial on using the custom Inkscape extension "Extruder" and make a cute little house-shaped box



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house2 front

This is the house that I was building in the tutorial for using the Inkscape custom extension "Extruder"  

There were a few omissions or oopsies that I encountered when I actually went to build it.  Things like forgetting to put a tab on the door, or account for the roof color.  So the simplest thing was to fix them an put the file here.  The tutorial is still fine for learning how to use the extrusion extension though.  As a bonus, I added some embellishments (bushes, shingles,etc) that you might like to add to your own version.   (note: the latest version of the extension is accessed in Inkscape via Extensions->Papercraft->Extruder)

The video showing how to use  the extruder extension in this house example is at :

The video for  basic construction of the house video is at:

The custom extension "extruder"  files can be downloaded from

 Please note that the construction video does not cover applying the decorative elements.  My bad...forgot to restart the video after a pause.  But I am sure you all can figure it out!