It appears that the latest update (6.9.163) for Windows Desktop has introduced some errors handling svg files. This can cause (sometimes huge) sizing errors on uploading projects.

I'll try to add in some dimensions for re-sizing,  and will put the "width" of the project on the project page as I get to them.  If you don't see it there yet, you can post in the facebook group and I will do my best to get it for you. 

Others may even import at a scale that DS can't handle and prevent resizing.  I've notified them of this problem,

A list of the correct sizing is below:-- i.e. if you were to select-all the objects in the project, this is the width in inches. (Be sure to resize proportionately)


Alstroemeria 7.54

Aster 11.6

Chocolate Kiss Box 17.24

Classic Vase 10.1

Daisy Vase 8.8

Daisy Vase 8.8

Day Lily 10

Dog House 14

Dogwood Poppy 10.4

Fancy Baseball Cap 26.4

Flat Scallop Leaves 11

Floral Greenery 7.0

Flowery Filler 4.4

Folded Flower 17.4

Gerbera Daisy 7.75

Greenery 9.8

Guitar Project 36.2

Milk Can Vase 29.8

Mini Aquarium 25.47

Mug(combined) 9.41

Pitcher 8.76

Roundish Vase 9.6

Scalloped (flat leaf) Greenery 11

Scrap Flower 10.7

Stained Glass Lamp 9.8

Street Clock base 7.086

Street Clock Petals & Leaves 8.51

Street Clock Variation 7.88

Street Lamp Variation 2.35

Sunflower 10.575

Tall Cup (combined) 9.4

Water Lily 12.8

Zinnia 7.76