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aquarium card inside

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This is a fun card for fish lovers.  The zip file contains the print and cut images to complete it. The fish are swimming at different depths.  Looks cool.(sorry no videos for now.... I'll try to get to that.)  Legend and really rudimentary instructions follow..  Note: the size of the layout when all pieces are selected should be 26.247 inches wide.  Assembly video is here. Please download the latest version, as a few changes were made.

Project width: 26.25 inchesaquarium card legend

Resize after uploading if needed: WIDTH of svg: 26.25 inches

White: Cardstock Structure

Gray: Front Panel

Royal blue: Front of card decoration

Black: front frame and top of aquarium foldout

Brown: Sea Floor and spacers

Greens: Seaweed plants

Light Teal: Water background

Light blue: Personalization panels

Pink: Clear Acetate (box window and strips to mount the fish. Cut random sizes 1.5 to 3” long)




Fold along score lines. For best results fold back and forth to loosen in both directions.

Glue the front panel to the front of the card

Glue the silver and black black frame to the front of the piece with the window cut out

Glue the black strip to the area below the top tab on the piece with the window cut out

Put glue on the bottom tab of the piece with the window cut out

Line this up against the main card fold line. It’s glued below the fold line, not above it, and when in place the front of the paper (if textured) will be face down over the bottom half of the inside of the card.


Fold the spacers

Place glue on the bottom of the large spacer. Line up as you did the previous piece.

Fold the large spacer in the middle (past the tab and one side) and put glue on the top of the tab.

Fold your card closed. Press from the outside to adhere the tab you just glued.

When you open it up you should see the spacer forming a “box”

If you like, glue on the castle onto the background just at the top of the spacer box.

Cut some pieces of the narrow acetate strips and mount a fish on each.

Glue the strips along the front of the spacer you just made. Keep it a bit random for heights and spacing.

Add some seaweed.

Repeat this process with the smaller spacer. The main difference is that you will be placing this one against your larger spacer box (not against the center fold line)

Adhere the acetate rectangle to the inside of the piece with the window cut out

Fold both the tab and the top fold of the piece with the window cut out. Put glue on the top tab, and fold the card and press to adhere.

Add the personalization panel(s). You can leave them blank or add words before cutting to use the pen tool.

 Add the decoration to the front.of the card (Hello, or Hi Mom or whatever, and glue some of the extra fish if you want)