Written instructions only.  Use the separate version if you need to print decorative paper on letter size pages, or want pieces separated.

See notes below:  Width 36.2



This is the layout version of the guitar project. Fewer pieces to attach, 12x12 layout

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This is the separate version of the guitar project. More flexibilty in layout, but more pieces to attach.

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Assembly NOTES AND VIDEO LINKS  follow: 


A note about the guitar. Be sure to glue on the rosette before attaching the neck of the guitar, as it fits slightly underneath. If you don't, you will end up like me... having to loosen the neck to fit it under. (Another lesson learned as you will see my ooops in the video.  )
The screws are  2.5 inches long (if made to the 34" layout size)  but you will also need  a short piece of skewer to anchor the strings inside the bridge base. 
There are now videos for the main parts of the construction,  but apologies in advance for the lack of quality. I couldn't see what the camera was seeing, so it is marginal, but hopefully will help a little.

 When you size the project, the entire group of pieces should be 36.2"w (about 34" tall) .  This will result in a guitar about 18" long, and 6.5 inches wide. 

You will need to cut some kind of string/thread/cord for the strings.  Each strand will be about 24" long to allow room to travel the length of the guitar and still have room to manipulate the string. 

Thank you to Patti Bee for the suggestion to use 0.5mm elastic cord in gold or silver for the strings on the guitar project. Here are a couple of links I found to purchase it.

guitar project finished small