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Scalloped leaf filler for floral arrangements

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Groups of leaves somewhat like geranium. For floral filler. SVG should be 11 inches wide. 

scallop leaves6A


Materials (for 3 plants)

1 sheet 12x12 green cardstock

1 green colored pen



Green ink and applicator (optional, recommended)

Skewer or thin dowel for curling

Each "plant" consists of 3 to 4 sets of leaves.  Each set of leaves has 3 pieces, 2 leaves and a center. 

The veins are meant to be drawn in with a pen.   In Design Space, change the vein lines to draw, then attach the lines and leaves before cutting. If your machine does not support pens, then omit this and draw by hand if you like.

Ink the leaves for best results, then randomly curl them using a small dowel or skewer.  Paste the two parts of the leaf set (arranged on the svg as upward and downward directions). The glue should be on the stem up to the center of the leaf, but not on the leaf itself. Glue a dot into the center to finish.   You will end up with a clover-like stem.  Glue 3 to 4 of these sets into a fan shape to make the completed plant. Bend the stems lightly outward so the leave face more upward when placed in the arrangement.  Glue onto a toothpick (recommended), skewer, or floral wire to complete. 

scallop leaves2A

scallop leaves5A