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Flowery filler.

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flowery greenery01 small



Size file to 7 inches tall.  (Each stem will be 4 inches tall)

This file makes just one stem.  To get the effect in the picture, make 3 stems for each bunch.


  • #80 cardstock for stems
  • #65 cardstock for blossoms
  • A ballpoint pen (empty is best)
  • Tweezers (slant or straight edge)
  • Thick foam mousepad or equivalent (for forming blossoms)
  • Glue
  • Wire or skewers to attach the stem to.
  • Floral tape


For each stem:  Glue two stems together - this strenghtens the stem. Bend about a quarter tip of each branch back to 90-degrees.

To form blossoms:  Put the blossom on the mousepad and press hard down on the center with a ballpoint pen.

Place a bit of glue on the bent branch ends and glue a blossom to each.

Glue six or seven additional formed blossoms randomly elsewhere on each side of the stems,

Glue 3 stems together on the bottom inch or so.

Bend the stems randomly to fluff out.

Attach the stem group onto a skewer or floral wire with floral tape.