Large rose (shown in pink)

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Beast Beauty Rose by The SerialCrafter

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Medium rose (shown in yellow)


This is a slightly smaller and lighter version of the larger Beast Beauty rose.  It is approximately 3/4 the size, about 3.25 inches in diameter when assembled.

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Assembly Video is here:     


rose beast beauty both

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Small Rose:  11.25 inches

Large Rose:  20 inches


 Enjoy crafting and please feel free to share this page with others. 


Floral stem wire and tape.  I strongly recommend the brown paper wrapped stem wire. It works well for paper projects. 

2 sheets (3 for large rose)  65lb cardstock, 8.5x11 inches, in the color you want for the blossoms.

1 sheet 8.5x11 yellow/orange cardstock for the stamens

1 Sheet 12x12 inch green 80 lb cardstock for the leaves. 

Hot glue gun and sticks

White craft glue (like Art Glitter Glue) 

 Empty ball point pen or scoring tool  for texturing leaves (optional)

Ink and applicator


Construction notes:  

 Before assembling, ink and curl the petals to give it more form and natural look. How much you do is up to you.  The pink rose was done with a LOT of inkng, the yellow one with a bit less.  Feel free to be creative.  Nature is quite inexact anyway, so variation are fine.  Ink and vein the leaves as you like. 

I recommend using a hot glue gun to assemble. It is faster and simpler. 

I suggest preparing the wire (paper wrapped wire is highly recommended) by wrapping floral tape from about 1/4 inch from the top and down about 3 to 4 inches.  This helps when you tape the stem and leaves later so you don't have to fight the lower petals and sepal. 

The center of the flower is the only tricky part:  Wrap the stamens around your floral wire, then curve the individual petals around the stamen to form the center*.  The rest of the flower just assembles onto the stem smallest toward the stamen and largest at the base. The last largest petal piece should be curled slightly downward, as is the sepal.    All the rest are curved upward.   (*you don't have to use all the separate petals here, 3 is often enough)


(New to floral projects?  I very strongly recommend that you buy the "Floral Arrangement" at Dreaming Tree,  and make it following the video there.  It is an amazing project and you will learn pretty much all the basics of making flowers by doing it.)